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  • Couteau Tomate
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    Last Updated: March 16, 2012
    Couteau Tomate
    A fun, hands-on, and different food experience, in the homes of food-loving Parisians First, raid the local farmers’ market together with your host, a fanatic French food buff, shopping for seasonal produce of your choosing. Second, cook – fun and simple recipes to turn produce you like into s...
  • Mx Neoeclectic
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    Last Updated: March 15, 2012
    Mx Neoeclectic
  • Insurance Policy
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    Last Updated: March 15, 2012
    Insurance Policy
    Louisiana drivers pay the most on average for car insurance, while Maine drivers face the lowest average rates, according to a new survey commissioned by survey ranks the states from most to least expensive based on the data results of more than 2,400 vehicles in 10 ZIP codes per sta...
  • New Computers
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    Last Updated: March 15, 2012
    New Computers
    custom-made computers built by Mwave will replace all of the Dell computers that were previously in the computer lab in room 307. The thirty new machines will arrive during the week of Monday, September 21, 2009. Because all of the previous computers were not fully functioning, students were forced ...
  • gallery-vacation
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    Last Updated: March 14, 2012
    Nunc dictum sapien cursus nisl cursus eu tristique quam convallis. Sed facilisis, mi vitae iaculis viverra, lorem mi pretium ipsum, vel euismod odio magna ut metus. Ut in est sit amet libero tempor rhoncus. Praesent rhoncus ipsum et tortor bibendum sit amet tincidunt diam consectetur. Vivamus ultric...